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A 17-page Masks: A New Generation adventure module/Custom Move set inspired by the anime/manga My Hero Academia. 

Within this are three adventure modules:

Danger At School: The PCs are forced to defend against a villain attack on their superheroic school (Based on the U.S.J Arc)

Villain Hunt: After their friend has been harmed by a villain, the PC’s must hunt down the villain in vengeance (Based on the Stain Hunt arc)

Time To Be A Hero: The PC’s are banded together for a mission to help save a hostage from a group of supervillains (Based on the Shie Hassaikai Arc)

Along with these three modules are five custom moves to help emulate the style of My Hero Academia. A brief description of the situation for each:

  • When you are forced to stand against an opponent who far outmatches you, relying solely on your own heroic spirit.
  • When you enter the Sports Festival and must maneuver through the dangers of such a tournament.
  • Touching base on how the superheroic world feels about your PC.
  • Rushing into a situation without hedging your bets and all headstrong.
  • Competing in the Entrance Exam, with the move’s stat being affected by your own tactics.

If you’re unsure about buying and wish to check out a sample, the Danger At School adventure module and first custom move are provided for free!

Now, go be a hero!

Thanks so much to @poorlycrafteddreams on Instagram, for the amazing cover art.

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Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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