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Rock Bottom Supers is about young adults, wonderful and superpowered, going to college together. They will face villains, have tumultuous relationships and go through trials and joys to become the heroes they are destined to be.

….Least, that’s what the back of the comic book tells you.

Rock Bottom Supers uses a diceless system that tells a story of people. People who are fallible, broken and destructive with some superpowers thrown into the mix. It holds Six Playbooks of archetypes who have been scarred in different ways and scarred others in different ways. It holds Five Threats that comprise the harshest parts of your world that seek to make you dark and horrid enough to fit right in with them. 

This is a game where you get hurt and hurt others. Often at the same time.

Rock Bottom Supers is likely a game that you shouldn’t play. But if you read it, maybe you’ll pick up something for yourself. Just be sure to check the images on the product page of the exact content you’ll see in this game before buying.

Thank you immensely to the Possum Creek Games Patreon, which gave me access to the nameless engine that Rock Bottom Supers is built upon.


Buy Now$7.50 USD or more

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