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It’s not wrong to stay true to yourself.

How Far I’ve Come is a hack of plot ARMOR heavily inspired by Avatar The Last Airbender. In particular, it is inspired by the Zuko Redemption Arc.

It is a single player journaling RPG where you will catalogue your character who was shamed and must go upon a journey to hunt down a Target in an attempt to prove yourself worthy of atonement for it. 

Only, you were never Shamed. You were a victim of abuse for simply speaking up when you should have. Your journey is not about hunting down the Target. Instead, it is about coming to terms that it wasn’t your fault what you went through.

Content Warning: This game heavily deals with trauma and abuse. Depending on choices, it can also deal with queerphobia, bigotry and war/war crimes. If any of these are uncomfortable for you, please put your comfort first before purchasing this product.

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Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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