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Superhero stories are often so painfully cis. Isn’t it time we changed that up?

Hero Too! Is a teen superhero story for trans people. It is a single player journaling game where you will use prompts and advice to guide your character through their supeheroic school as they deal with issues both related to their trans identity and due to just being a supehero.

The world can be hard for trans people. Lucky for us, we’re so much more badass than it.

This game is a hack of plot ARMOR by Orion D. Black

Content Warning: This game deals with issues such as dysphoria, transphobia (Both societal and personal) and other potentially triggering parts of the trans experience. Please put your own comfort first before playing this game. And always play with safety.

Information about Bleed can be found here

Cover Art: Dylan Lockhart (@D_Lock_art)

Layout: @Poorlycraftedreams


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Hero Too is a 5 page superhero rpg that uses a fairly impressive list of touchstones (including Mob Psycho, Lumberjanes, plot ARMOR) as well as journaling mechanics to tell a story about the interconnection between superhero identities and trans identities.

Because its subject matter gets heavy, and because it's a journaling game, Hero Too includes a really neat mechanic where you can green/yellow/red content as it comes up, thereby ensuring that if you inadvertently write in an element you don't like, it isn't automatically caught up in the narrative momentum, and you can absolutely just throw it out.

Hero Too also has mechanics for debriefing after writing, and comprehensive content warnings on its recommended media.

Gameplay-wise, Hero Too steers away from a more simple "roll a die, write a prompt" approach and encourages basically a sequence of short stories. It gives you the framework to do this, too---and although it encourages you to roll a die and skip whole swaths of "issues" in your comic book, you could easily ignore this and write a full mosaic novel.

In fact, I think Hero Too has a really strong niche as a game for people who want to get more comfortable writing short fiction. Its framework encourages writing full, self-contained stories, and it reliably hands you prompts to help you do so. Hero Too also gets a lot of its mileage out of its quiet moments, and this gives it the potential to hit really hard---it also makes me glad for all the safety framework it has.

Overall, I would recommend this to folks who like writing, and who feel okay with facing some discomfort while exploring an identity. I would also enthusiastically recommend this to anyone who is interested in game mechanics, because it does a ton of things all at the same time, and it does them all really well (including and especially connecting color to game mechanics, using mechanics to frame storytelling, and setting up guardrails that allow plays to tackle difficult topics while staying safe.)

on page 2 it mentions rolling a d8 and adding it to the current issue number to determine the next location. But the only tables I see are the two complications tables on page 3. I don't know if I'm missing something or am just reading something wrong.

Apologies for the late reply. 

The number determined decides that issue number, as the series comes to an end when it reaches Issue 32.


Heroes Too is a solo journaling game about being in a superhero academy while struggling with your trans identity. The author did a great job presenting superhero school life, and portraying the struggle of a trans person coming out. The game takes place over 32 issues, and in which your character learns how to become a superhero, and coming to terms with their identity and coming out by the end of the series. I love how this game includes safety tools for solo play, which is something I don't see very often for solo games.

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If you haven't read Dreadnought by April Daniels, then this is a fantastic piece of parallel evolution and you’re in for a treat.


is it ok to post some of what i write for this online? i'll explain what it is and include a link to the game


Of course!


awesome, thanks!


This is a very neat little game that you should check out. Leans nicely into superhero tropes and, of course, trans narratives. As a solo game it provides the right level of prompt and constraint - nice.

Kudos to the writer for adding it to the megabundle!


You want to write trans puns? You want your totally awesome teenage hero to have a formative experience? You want more trans narrative in your life?

Look no further, this is the perfect game for that!