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Remember the joy when you first opened a pack of cards from the local game store as a kid, so excited to see what would come from it?

That's what Get Your Game On is about. It's about playing a game that brings back the joy of getting up early to watch anime like Yugioh GX and Cardfight Vanguard. It's about settling the most intense of disputes through the skill of card games. It's about creating a world where card games matter.


Get Your Game On: Blue Eyes Edition is a hugely expanded version of the original Get Your Game On RPG. It uses the Firebrand framework by Meguey and Vincent D. Baker.  It is centered around emulating card game anime, with Yugioh GX as it’s biggest inspiration  It includes:

  • The base game.
  • The Shadowed Hearts Playset.
  • A brand new playset, Open Road, based around when your characters grow up and become professional duelists.
  • New character rules and bond mechanics.
  • 3 new minigames to the base game set, such as Duel Prom & Entrance Exam.
  • Alternate GM rules and outside minigame rules.
  • Academy and Deck Creation rules.

This game is also transgender centric. The default setting of the game is that all your player characters are trans and include aspects in the mechanics to represent that.

This is a 23K word, plain text document PDF due to not having the funds to support layout right now. It is also unplaytested and a submission to the Art Is Ego Jam. Potential updates may come.

You can find the base Get Your Game On & it's expansion, Get Your Game On: Shadowed Hearts also on Itch.

Cover art by DlockArt

NOTE: The proceeds for this game go towards my personal funds. The proceeds of the previous iterations still go towards charitable causes mentioned within their description.

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GenreCard Game
TagsAnime, firebrands, friendship, GM-Less, LGBTQIA, Narrative, Transgender


Buy Now$12.00 USD or more

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