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You should state in your description that this game is made "FOR trans people," per your description in the rule book. Others can play it, and I know I will be, but this should be shared upfront.

From the rulebook:

"The Trans Rule:

My games are made by trans people FOR trans people. Therefore, four out of six of the minigames are built with the assumption that each PC is of the trans identity umbrella and includes questions related to that.

If you do not wish to play that style, you may remove these questions or replace them with some of your own. If you are also trans and uncomfortable with these questions, you may do the same.

Alongside this, if you are cis and are nervous about misrepresenting trans people by playing a trans person, take this as an opportunity to research trans experiences and accounts by actual trans people. You will never be able to know what we truly experience. But if my game can help you understand what your trans friends go through just a little, then I will consider that a success.

And for trans people who are nervous about suggesting the game to a majority cis group, remember one thing: We’re badassess and deserve to play games about US. Made by US. Speaking up can be hard when you witness transphobia at the table (Or any form of bigotry) but you deserve a table that respects you and your identity. A toxic table is no table at all.

I’m sounding like a broken record, but one thing you should take above all for this game. It’s a trans one. Don’t forget that."


what the fuckis this