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Is there any chance we could have community copies? I'd love to run this for my group.

Is it possible to play this solo?

I can't message you on Twitter but I am black does the rules still apply


I have always wanted to run a card game anime themed game and thanks to Get Your Game On I'm finally able to! 

Get Your Game On is very high (if not at the top) on my favorites list for TTRPG systems, and I look forward to seeing it grow!


Get Your Game On! is a trpg about a world where card games are a Big Deal. It's 23 pages without art in its current (8/3/20) version, but it's being developed further, and the gameplay is definitely solid.

Essentially, Game On is built out of a series of minigames. The minigames are fully fleshed and basically set up different kind of scenes---which taken all together form the game's story.

Game On also expertly navigates 1 v 1 card duels by having everyone who's not dueling hype up/explain the plays.

Mechanically, Game On tracks two kinds of tokens---Heart and Skill---with increases in one often leading to decreases in the other. Thus, the more you care about card games, the less you care about people, and vice versa. This makes for an interesting deconstruction, where you're choosing card games or friendship---not finding friendship because of card games---which feels like a decent step back from the way a lot of card battle series try to position their games.

Overall, card games series (when they're not brutally deconstructive) tend to be about excitement and hype, and Get Your Game On! does an amazing job of capturing that. If you want to tell stories about over-the-top-card-duels at an academy without the game slowing down every time it goes into crunchy battle mechanics, I would highly recommend picking up a copy of this.

Minor Issues:

-Page 2, The Trans Rule, 3rd para, minor spelling errors on misrepresenting and opportunity

-Page 3, Character Creation, 2nd para, "don't not matter"

-Page 3, Character Creation, 7th para, "they must one of the following" choose one of the following

-Page 4, Ace, you may want to bold this, since it's a mechanic that matters, and that otherwise is really easy to miss.

-Page 10 and 15 and 17 and 21, the mixer and moment of introspection and confrontation with the cards and exams don't change anyone's token counts at all, and this feels a little weird.

-Page 23, 2nd bullet point, "you port forward your social relationships first" you put your social relationships first

Minor Recommendation:

Play in-game card duels out-of-game with something simple like blackjack, uno, or Love Letter. Making up cards on the spot can feel a little ungrounded, but everyone knows how to hype a Draw Four.


This is a great framework and I love how well it lends itself to play by post roleplaying. I'll definitely make use of these rules.

A question, since this is based on Yu-Gi-Oh! GX/Cardfight Vanguard, will you expand the rules to include the antagonists of the shows? Since right now the game doesn't emulate it very well.


Hello. Apoligies for the late reply.

I'm actually hoping to write an expansion for emulating the more fantastical and high-stakes elements of card game anime at a later point.


We played this today and had great fun; one question we had though was whether the PCs start with any Heart or Skill tokens?


Also, this was how we played online!


Hi! I'm actually very grateful you brought this up. I accidentally uploaded an in-progress version of the rules as oppossed to the finish doc for the game.

The completed version contains "Starting Deck" options which shows how much tokens you start with depending on choice.

I'm so sorry for the mistake and thanks so much for letting me know.


No worries! We muddled through with what felt right and had a really nice, sweet game; thanks for creating this!


Oh, also we picked it out as a highlight game in the bundle for our podcast


Oh my God, thank you so much! This means a lot. Thank you!


I'm definitely interested in playing this! We definitely need more RPGs about playing card games.

Also, was not expecting it to also be a game about being trans. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

It is still obviously a work in progress, though, and will need some tweaks before I bring it to my play group.


definitely gonna play this with my tabletop group, it looks like a great time :D !

Thank you! I'd love to hear how it goes


This was the first thing I downloaded from buying the Racial Justice bundle and this game sounds so exciting! Yugioh GX Chazzed Me Up and made me transgender and I adore Cardfight Vanguard to bits so this was really nice to check out! The game system seems lovely, and would play it in a heartbeat.

Thank you so so much! This was a joy to wake up to!